The Adventures of The Knights of Pembroke

Foriegners Part 2

In the Main Castle
Half-orc Soldier: “Sir Wu-Lan another ship has been spotted off the shore!” He takes a knee as to be a height with the halfling monk. “and another thing sir. A soldier while on patrol early this morning found that the easternmost castle is inhabited by dwarves of a foul sort. He had to go far out of his way to even continue his patrol of the castle walls. Also smoke is steadily rising from the gnomish shop that King Konan allowed the foriegners to build.”
Wu-Lan: “Send the investigative squad to that goblin shop. I will take a party to rout the goblins. And has ship flown any colors yet?”
Half-orc Soldier: “Each ship is flying two flags one of white with a red six pointed star and the other with a family crest. What investigative squad sir? We don’t do nothing unless Konan tells us to.”
Wu-Lan: “Just bring me 2 groups of men willing to route these intruders!”
Soldier: “I told you we don-t”
Wu-Lan: Staring up at the soldier “Bring me the men or you will feel my wrath!”
Soldier: “Yes sir!”
The soldier goes off toward the barracks and Wu-Lan follows behind him out into the light of the small growing village. As of now the homes were all contained within the innermost wall and the ground inside the second wall had proven fertile enough to grow food in. Farmers had already crops growing there. It was a good start considering less than five months ago the castle had been an empty pit only suitable for monsters to live in.

The east wall
Wu-Lan stares out at the open sea. The two ships and their two flags are there as reported by the soldier earlierin the day.
Flags on the foriegners ships
On the shore several smaller vessels can be seen docked and a number of men can be seen moving about the beach. Wu-Lan can see the tent where Duke Bartholemeau is staying.
WuLan: turning towards a half-orc soldier “So when you patroled this length of the wall this morning you came to the lighthouse and were confronted by men?”
Hobgoblin: They were dwarves and they just stood by the door with their shields and axes. when we came within 100 ft they lowered a strange weapon in our direction and then fired upon us a warning shot. It was loud just like when the foriegners came into the village and demonstracted their foriegn weapons."

Tobroib eglu(half orc soldier): some gray dwarves are holed up in the tower on the eastern wall
Wu-lan: gotta take care of that
The half orc soldier who is reporting to you has come back with 10 soldiers who are willing to accompany you as body guards.
Wu-lan: And how many dwarves were estimated?
Tobroib: They were posted at all entrances to the tower so 8 are counted for already
Wu-lan: yup
Tobroib: Are you prepared to confront them?
Wu-lan: yes?
Tobroib Eglu : Sir? do you wish to approach the building from the rampart or from the front gate?
Wu-lan: Well approach the interior entrance
Tobroib Eglu: ok
Wulan: Does anyone appear?
Dwarf soldier: who goes there?
Wu-Lan: I am Wu-Lan, Defender of Pembroke and Reclaimer of Eastcastle
Dwarf soldier: well we are your guests then
Wu-lan: A name is welcome for a name, sir dwarf
Dwarf soldier: I’m Check
Wu-lan: Check. Well what is your business about these parts? Perhaps we may be of service
Dwarf soldier: I’m guarding this door just like captain mead told me to
Wu-lan: I see. I’d like this Captain to come to the door, please.
Dwarf soldier: Um of course
The Dwarves whisper to each other in undercommon/dwarven
Dwarf soldier: right away Lord Wu-lan
moments later a third dwarf appears.
Wu-lan: aha
Darnel Miid (dwaven captain): “hohoho! pleased to meet you sir Wu-lan, when they said that King Konan had left his best friend in charge I wasn’t picturing such a shrimp!what of all these guards?” guestures to the 10 soldiers in Wu-lan’s company
Wu-Lan: Be assured, many have mistaken my stature as an indication of my strength. They were sorely mistaken indeed. My soldiers alerted me to an unknown presence. I’m simply here to make certain your good intent in choosing to dwell at my castle.
Darnel Miid (dwaven captain): We are hear as humble servants of the Duke Bartholemeau. My warriors are not used to sleeping in ships and so we came ashore.
Wu-Lan: Cant say I blame you, Ive never found ships to be very hospitable. And what may I ask, is your mission as Duke Bartholemeau’s envoys?
Darnel Miid (dwaven captain): This is a trade operation under charter by the king of spree
we are looking for new markets in which to sell the abundant goods of our allied nations
Wu-Lan: Ah, yes. Konan had mentioned acquiring powerful new weapons for our army.
Darnel Miid (dwaven captain): He already has bought all the rifles we had for sale. The Snivilibin are now working away in their little shop making more.
The gray dwarf captain lacking a full helmet like the guards squints furiously from the light of the sun
Wu Lan: Might I say, pleased to make your acquaintance, and let me know if I can be of further assistance.
Darnel Miid (dwaven captain): yes let me please go back inside the daylight is especially harsh on my races’ skin and eyes. I will tell the Duke of spree that you stopped by.
Wu Lan: Good day
Moments later out of earshot.
Tobroib Eglu (half orc soldier): What we cant just let them into our castle. They were told by konan to stay BEHIND the second wall NOT WITHIN it!"
Wu Lan: I didn’t know that. Well I shall have to send a message reminding them of that and informing them that i dont appreciate being fooled

East Castle Village
Wu-Lan: It appears our friends are the deceptive sort. With only a loose verbal agreement with Konan, they’ve overstepped their bounds and taken residence in the east tower.
Tobriob captain of the guard: I knew those nasty dwarves couldn’t be trusted, with their smoky shop and smelly machines. Let’s get rid of em, I’ll try to round up the other soldiers.


Wu-Lan: “Send the investigative squad to that goblin shop. I will take a party to rout the goblins. And has ship flown any colors yet?”

Foriegners Part 2

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