The Adventures of The Knights of Pembroke

Hunting Undead

Pembroke Tower, Public Chambers

In the middle of a council meeting, a stranger enters the Tower chambers. He is a dwarf, dressed in unfamiliar garb, and sports a mechanical harpoon gun strapped to his arm.

His name is Falco Zosenheim and he is a time traveler who has no control over where or when he will be.

When told of the threat of necromancy to the north (and persuaded with hefty payment made by Iggy) the stranger agrees to accompany Iggy, Aust, Guy and Konan in a crusade. They handily defeat legions of ghasts, mohrgs, and vampire spawn, who carry Desecration Seeds – powerful tokens of a necromancer with lofty goals. Unable to find their leader, we return to Pembroke with only the seeds.

Iggy unsuccessfully attempts to scry on the owner of the seeds; they are taken to Arthur, the rector of the Greenwood Temple. After he is able to spy on the necromancer (a vampire in the Iron Mountains), the council is impressed by his magical ability, much to the dismay of councilman connery. The party sets out again. This time they travel further north to where the bog meets a hill. There they defeats a vampire, who retreats in gaseous form, with the Knights hot on its tail.



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