The Adventures of The Knights of Pembroke

Meanwhile Back in Pembroke

Streets of Pembroke, Peasants District
Dirk and Dorian amble down the street enjoying a pipe of good herb. A child runs by being chased by his older sister.
Dirk: “This part of town is real crumby. But the people have good hearts.”
Dorian: “It is the same in Greyhawk, Kings feast while the workers barely survive.”
Dirk: “It’s not right. These people’s homes-” (shaking his head) “The roofs are falling apart and when it rains people have to put buckets to catch the water. And filth sits in the street when it could easily be washed away by the city’s sewers”
Dorian: “Yes. But the masons will not work for free and these people have no jobs and thus no money to give. perhaps you would part with your gold to help them?”
Dirk: (hitting the pipe once more) “Maybe I will Dorian. But truth be told, my portion of our gold would not do much, there are many peasants in Pembroke and these buildings have been neglected for many generations of men. If only we could get at the blue dragon’s treasure…”
Dorian: But niether of us know enough about magic to break the protective spells and master Ignatious is off hunting vampires.
Just then seemingly from nowhere a small girl appears. No not a small girl but a beautiful halfling woman.
Halfling: “I couldn’t help but to overhear your conversation.”
Dirk: (angrily) “Missy, dontcha think you oughta bug off! and stay out of our buisness!”
Dorian: “Do as he says his temper is short and and he hasn’t yet had lunch.”
Halfling: (stepping back and making a small bow) “I recognize you two. You saved this city from Salaman and his evil army from the desert! Please listen I know that you are good.”
Dirk: “how good I am depends on how good you are missy now spit it out before I have you arrested for eavesdropping.”
Halfling: “you can’t do that! and besides I like to see you or the city gaurd catch me.”
Dorian: “he said spit it out!”
Halfing: “Well, If you two are looking for gold I know where to find a lot of gold- and gems too.”
Dirks eyes light up.
Dirk: “Alright young lady, you are a pretty one. Would you like to accompany a coupla heros to lunch, I’m starving. We can talk all about it once I get some food in me.”
Halfling: My name is Lisa Brim-Buckle and I would be delighted to join a couple of heros for lunch!"

That Night, Outside the Pembroke Walls
Dirk: “How come its so dark already?”
Dorian: “I don’t know the days and nights on this plane are strange to me.”
Then as we came upon a stone wall Dirk spots a movement and goes chasing up to it yelling YARRRRR!!. It is a troll. Dorian holds back to gauge the creature before running up to make a finishing blow with his magic rapier. In doing so he managed to catch on of the creatures claws to his chest causing a small scratch on his neck.
Lisa: “You two sure are fierce as wild beasts.” moving on a bit past the stone wall. “this is where i last saw my family camped right here by this half ruined castle.” she gesture to a fire place and wagon wheels and a pile of horses dung. “They must have moved on.” A look of forlorn crosses Lisa’s small but beautiful face.
Dorian: “It is okay, I can track them. If what you said is true at the bar and your uncle used to work in the Connery Estate, then he may be very useful in Dirk’s crak-pot plot to become rich.”
Dirk: (hiccups) “My plan to spread the wealth Dorian. Big Difference!”
Dorian: “Sure there is!”
Lisa: “My uncle Gaingly surely worked in the Connery estate. But when we meet him you must be certain not to mention the nature of his labor as he would be very upset; he thinks of himself and his time there in a certain amiable manner.”
Dorian: "We will be most courteous about the nature of his past "employment""

After an hour of tracking and questioning farmers west of Pembroke Gaingly and some others of Lisa’s family are located. Gaingly is rather gangly, for a gnome, and appears to be well over a hundred years old.

Gaingly: “And what pray tell were you doing out in the city at this hour dear?”
Lisa: “Let’s not get into that. Uncle, these are the heroes who saved us from Salaman! Show some respect!”
Gaingly: (laughs) “Saved us! You mean you and I? Look around you; is your life any better than it had been?”
Lisa: “Well you see, that’s why we came to you. These men, Dirk and Dorian, are interested in, um, ‘liberating’ some of the Connery fortune. Didn’t you used to -”
Gaingly: (angrily) “Used to what?”
Dorian: (quickly) “We’ve heard you know the ins and outs of the Connery estate. Any information you have that would help us would be of great use.”
Gaingly: “You mean theft? Breaking and entering? What kind of heroes are you?”
Lisa: “Uncle, think of all the jewels and sculptures and curios and piles of gold just sitting in that house, doing nobody but a few dozen people any good. And all the stories you’ve told me about how terrible that Martin fellow and his children are.”
Dorian: “Also, you will be paid. Handsomely.”
Gaingly: “How handsomely?”
Dorian: “Handsomely enough that you, your family, and all their children yet unborn will have food, water and shelter for the rest of your lives. Things are changing fast in Pembroke; Master Ignatius has grown a fondness for you downtrodden folk. He will help yours and many other families live life the way it is meant to be lived; freely and joyously.”
Gaingly: (ponders for a long while) "This will not be easy. It has been many years since I set foot in those halls, and much may have changed.
“Being so close to the Tower, the city guard will likely be patrolling there all day, every day. All windows and outside doors are alarmed from sundown to sunup, but there are override triggers on the inside. You could climb up through the sewer drain, but it’s got a thick grate that might be tricky to get by. There was a young woman there, her name escapes me now; she liked to stargaze out on the balcony. Wonder if she’s even still alive…”
Dorian: “What about inside?”
Gaingly: “There is a heavily sealed door in the cellar – some kind of monster in there, always growling and thrashing if you get too close. Never saw it myself. The bedchambers are on the second and third floors, but I couldn’t tell you whose is whose. There used to be 4 or 5 house guards in my day. Of course, they never told us where the gold was.”

Dorian gives a handful of gold coins to Gaingly and Lisa.

Dorian: “Thank you very much. There will be plenty more after we’re through.”
Gaingly: “No, thank you, sirs. Oh, one more thing, whatever you do do not touch the big statue. At least that’s what they always told me. You’ll know which one. (shudders)”
Dirk: burbs “that was some good rabbit stew.” Here sir try some of my ale. uncorks his mini barrel of pembroke beer
(after drinks go round) Dirk: “we should have no problem infiltrating the site, piece of cake for a couple stealthy types like me n dorian. piece o cake i tell ya. hahaha! we’re gonna be rich!”
Dorian: “I thought you said we were doing it to help the people.”
Dirk: “We are! Trust me you’ll see! haha!”
Gaingly: “This ale isn’t so good. We used to get ale from Drrunholm but that was before the council turned into a bunch of bafoons and insulted the Skorgall”
Dorian: “Whats the Skorgall?”
Dirk: “Its a law. Some generations back when the last emperor of the shield clan was old and had no children he declared that the 4 lords of the dwarf clans, smith, warrior, mason, and scribe would rule in his stead. Supposedly the dwarf god Moradin casts tie breaking vote of which there are many, but really it just means that the church casts the fifth vote. But no more talk of this, Pembroke ale will have to do” drinks
Dorian: “We’ll sleep here tonight, the city should be safe without us for one night…”
Dirk: “Dorian Remind me to talk to mr Pudder when we get back to Town.”

The Well Traveled road
Mr Pudder: “Dirk i am pleased to meet you. I missed your face at the council appointment ceremony.”
Dirk: “Thanks for meeting me here. Truth is this is the only decent bar in all of Pembroke. It’s like our office right Dorian.”
Dorian: “ehh- office?. Not really. You were right when you said that its the best bar in Pembroke” raises his mug.
Dirk: raises his mug, drinks “Councilman, where does your interest lie?”
Mr Pudder: “In the good of this city. And the good of this city depends on a working sewwage system! It wouldn’t cost that much! and-”
Dirk: “You are right about that! Another round over here maiden!”
(maiden brings stout ales)
Pudder: drinks “I like to think of myself as a champion of the people!”
Dirk: “Ahhhahaha! Me too laddie! Barmaid tell the bartender drinks on me for the whole house! Hahahaha!”
(crowd cheers)

Outside the Connery Estate
Dirk: “Dorian did you bring your grappeling hook?”
Dorian: “yeah. shh
Dirk: “oh yeah” picks his ear, then flinches “what was that?”
Roll 20



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