The Adventures of The Knights of Pembroke

Meanwhile in Pembroke Part 2

Morning,Basement of the Magic Shop
Dirk: “So its me and you Dorian.” pats his friend of the back “If there’s some beast hidden in that building it’s gotta be guarding something valuable.”
Dorian: “Between you and me, nothing will stay hidden for long.”
Dirk: “let’s buy you a scroll of invisibility, to sweeten the deal. But what about our escape plan?”
Dorian: “My bag can hold everything we find, maybe we’ll get some prime loot. Otherwise let’s just save the scroll for the exit.”
Dirk: “Let’s get a couple grappling hooks, I got lots o rope, ’sides no on ever looks up! hahaha.”
Dorian: “Good idea, we’ll be sure to go unnoticed.”
Dirk: “and remember we can’t kill any innocent people”
Dorian: “with my new cowl, I can sense magical auras.”
Dirk: yeah where did you find that thing?
Dorian is silent
Dirk: “Anyways do we have everything we need form here? I think we do. I’ve got a few more things I need to check in with. I’ll see yo at The Road tonight”
Dorian: “ok”

Evening, The Well Traveled Road
Dirk: “Where is that son of a gun.” shakes his head
Bartender: “Who?” wipes off a mug
Dirk: You know dorian right, he fought in the battle for pembroke.
Bartender: “yes I think I do”
Dirk: “well he aint here” _empties his beer mug"
Bartender “oh! I know the one. Yeah he came in here the other night!” Fills another mug from the barrel and slides it to dirk “yeah he came in here wearing a weird mask the other night”
Dirk: “of course you know him marybelle! We practacaly live here” gulps down some beer “he wears that mask all the time now. Now I can’t even find him anywhere in town… I’ll have to send a Raven to East castle for Wu-Lan”
Marybelle: “Oh Wu-Lan I just love him!”
Dirk: “why does everybody love him?” shakes his head.



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