The Adventures of The Knights of Pembroke

Meanwhile in Pembroke Part 3

Afternoon, The Well Traveled Road
Dirk: “good morning wu lan.”
wu lan: " what is so important that you drew me away form a near catastrophe at new east castle?"
Dirk: “let us go inside where we can talk privately”
Wu-lan: “ok”

Dirk’s Suite
Dirk: “You know councilman connery right?”
Wu lan: “yes”
Dirk: “well there has been some funds missing from the city treasury and the sewage system for the poor district is not in operation. I’ve been wondering if he has been purging tax money. Dorian and I tracked down an old halfling who used to work at the connery estate. His name was gaingly and he told us that there was some kind of monster being kept in the mansion. So I was thinking, what do they need a monster for? what are they gaurding?”
Wu lan: and?
Dirk: “so we’re going to break in and see if we can find any evidence that connery has been pilfering tax money and see if we can get past the beast to recover whatever it’s guarding.”
Wu-lan: “this seems unlawful…”
Dirk: “I’ve got all the equipment here.” geustures to some bags on his bed “and I know the general layout of the estate. We’ll be in in and out in no time.”
Wu-lan: “I don’t know…”
Dirk: “no innocents will be harmed.”
Wu-lan: “okay, when do we do it?”
Dirk: “tonight once the bars have closed.”
Wu-lan: “and tomarrow you will travel to east ccastle with me and help to handle the situation there?”
Dirk: “what situation?”
Wu-lan: “the foreigners are causing trouble, they’ve moved into the east tower even after Konan specifically told them to stay outside the inner walls.”
Dirk: “of course! that sort of blatant disregard for authority can’t be allowed!” winks “hahaha!”
Hey hey Wu lan! whats down?
Wu-Lan: I came as fast as I could. What’s wrong?
Dirk Toole: I need help with a mssion of top secrecy.
Wu-Lan: What is it?
Dirk Toole: C’mon dontcha wanna know what it is
(There is a birthday party going on downstairs, covering up your whispers.)
Wu-Lan: (whispering) What’s so urgent that you call me away from a near crisis at eastcastle?
Dirk Toole: This won’t take long I will go there with you as soon as we are done. there has been no word from Igy
*smokes pipe
okay, so you know councilman Connery Right?
Wu-Lan: right…
Dirk Toole: so There have been some funds missing from the sewage program in the poor part of town
and I wonder if he has anything to do with it
so we are going to break into his house and find proof of just that
Wu-Lan: Hmm..that must mean your hunch is strong, indeed.
Dirk Toole: A old halfling who used to work a the connery estate told me that they keep some kind of monster as a pet
Wu-Lan: hoo boy. sounds to be right up our alley,
Dirk Toole: Remember no innocents can be killed
Wu-Lan: Shouldn’t I be reminding you of that?
Dirk Toole: gives wu lan a dark look
Dirk Toole: so unless you are tired from your ride
Wu-Lan: The steed did all the work
let’s go
Dirk Toole: yes! smokes pipe everything is set.

Night, The Connery Estate
Is this the mansion coming up here on the left?
Wu-lan: whispering “look for an open window to climb into”
Dirk: “by night all the windows and doors have alarm spells cast upon them. We need to get to the west side of the building where we can enter via the third floor balcony”
And the mansion is here
Wu-Lan: i saw it

Dirk Toole: Hmm it must be the next big one then. Has anybody seen us looks over his shoulder
its pitch black night except for the street lamps.

Guard: (bows slightly) Evenin’. (walks past)

Wu-Lan: There it is, ahead
Ian P. (GM): That’s a window.
Aaron T.: ok dirk turns left
Dirk Toole: whats that up there?
(at wulan)
Wu-Lan: Window. a way in
Dirk Toole: good thinking wulan! i have grapeling hooks we just have to find the right window
Dirk Toole: waves at wu lan
A streetlight illuminates the side of a medium-sized building. Inside you see a fireplace roaring and people sleeping on bunk beds.
Wu-Lan: *cocks head, points in
*points to next window
are we at the right building?
More bunkbeds
Dirk: Seems odd, for a mansion to have bunkbeds.
Wesley S.: some kinda training facility?
Its a 3 story peaked roof, but there is a 3rd floor terrace/balcony on the west side.
Wulan: The 2nd and 3rd floors are separate pages, just let me know your plan
Dirk Toole: all the windows and doors are alarmed by night
Wu lan: so its either the sewers or the balcony
Dirk Toole: balcony
Wu-Lan: ok, let’s give it a shot
Dirk Toole: ive already estimated the distance and mr grappeling hook has the right length or rope attached
ranged attack with the hook
40ft thrown
Dirk Toole:
Show me whereabouts you want to climb up
The balcony is on the left side
Note the placement of windows.
Alright, now make a Use Rope check halfway up (heh, heh)
Dirk Toole: Grey boxes are windows, brown boxes are doors
Wu-Lan: in this case, the doors are gated arches
Wu-Lan: spot for windows or gates ajar
None from where you can see, but there are candles set in torch holder things.
None are lit, but you can use them if you want.
That red circle is a light source
There are recesses in the walls with candles and a frosted glass panel
Those doors are 10ft wood double doors
Dirk Toole: climbing onto the balcony
Oh, this is the balcony
You are looking into a 3rd floor hallway
Dirk Toole: Aha! Aha I found a catch. This is on the window,yes? Cool. Alarm disabled. It’s still locked though. Bingo
We’re in. No traps
Wu Lan: psst
Dirk: Third floor is almost all bedrooms, including the ‘master’ bedrooms, larger rooms where the most prominent family members are likely to be staying.Second floor is more bedrooms, if there were any guests staying there they would more than likely be on the second floor.
The common rooms are on the first floor – the ballroom on the west wall, great hall near the east, library in the southwest corner and several sitting rooms.
Basement consists of the dungeon, kitchen, cellar and room with the creature in it.
There is a rear hallway on the east wall used by the servants that has stairs to all but the third floor.

dirk obtained a potion from a bedroom and some documents.
Dirk Toole: says here points Aoclast family from another kingdom is investing in the Connery bank
Dirk Toole: nothin here. ITS A TRAP! There the trap is removed.
inside is: two hats, some papers, a morning-star, 2 boxes of platinum, 3 wands, a magic skull, and a pair of boots
Dirk Toole: what are these papers?
Wu Lan: finance sheets, possibly evidence. if you look close enough
Dirk Toole: i found it! this proves them guilty! its the personal log of Martin Connery.
Dirk: “we’ll put this all in the magic bag. wu lan put on the fancy shoes”
Wulan: “no”
The pair of adventures returns into the hallway.
A Peasant appears!
rolling 1d20+16 (to hit with bow. -4 when shooting into combat)
Peasant: zzzz
Dirk Toole: meet me in the basement of the magic shop
wulan: “ok”
Dirk uses most of the hour of sleep and get more layout of the estate.

basement of the magic shop
Wu Lan: Want to identify stuff? We can pay 125gp per item at the arcane shop. Or less, cause Iggy is a member it’s at cost; so 100gp.
Dirk Toole: Ive gotta sleep
Wu-Lan: Ill take care of it you did lots of rogueing. impressive work with all the lock and traps, im still angry that you put that innocent servant to sleep!"
Dirk: “Seriously stick to the plan though”

Next Day, Outside The Road
Dirk Toole: “Wu Lan! have you eaten breakfast yet!?”
Wu-Lan: I dont eat…
Dirk Toole: “oh yeah !! hahah!”
Dirk Toole: “did you get the rest of the job straitened out last night?” whispers and lights pipe
Wu Lan: “we got:A salve of disguise, Wands each of Eagle’s Splendor, Cat’s Grace and Comprehend Languages, A grey Bay of Tricks, The cloaks are both Charisma + 3 and cast dominate 1/day, the boots are just fancy-”
Dirk Toole: “and the hats?”
Wu lan: “And there is a Hat of the Barrister – calm emotions, discern lies and detect thoughts each 1/day. The other hat is Charisma +2,inherent (stacks with other equipment)”
Dirk Toole: “they are definately going to be missing those”
Wu-Lan: “Ill say”
Dirk Toole: “so what did we tell them about where it came from?”
Wu-Lan: “Well, being purely interested in magic removes the need for most questions..”
Dirk Toole: “so the story about it being crafted by a foriegn magician worked?” whispers
Wu-Lan: *winks
Dirk Toole: “Great now all of those items will be for sale at the store! what happens when the Connerys see their clothes hanging up to be sold”
Wu-Lan: “I asked that he reveal them slowly”
Dirk Toole: “hmm yes, since they are from a foriegn land the shop must study them first…
what about the skull?”
Wu-Lan: It was evil. Some sort of death totem. Casts desecrate and pro good each 1/day
Dirk Toole: “that should be destroyed!”
Wu lan: “And a morningstar: +1, spell storing (sleep), and that potion Of Eagle’s Splendor”
Dirk Toole: “Great! the store can sell all of it after one month of proper inspection. we must be careful since the lot contained an evil item”
Wu Lan: “Sure, plus we’re the heroes, whatever we say goes.”
Dirk Toole: “any of the items could be cursed we should have a high level spellcaster like Aust inspect them”
Wu lan: “Should the shop hold them in storage till Aust gets back?”
Dirk: “yeah why would the mages at the guildhall care where this stuff came from? still if word gets out…”
Wu Lan: “everyone will believe my story”
Dirk Toole: “see i told you i had a plan. AND nobody got hurt”
Wu-Lan: cuz we left right away
Dirk Toole: we have a long day ahead of us my wee little friend heheehe
Wu-Lan: So when are we going to take care of the business at eastcastle?
Dirk Toole: “tomarrow, we will ride there in the evening. today we have to find out how to plant the evidence to further shame the name of connery and the pilfering that the late councilman was a part of”
Wu-Lan: Find a councilmember to give them to. someone we can trust
Dirk Toole: hmm what about your friend. Potters was it?
Wu Lan: who’s in charge of treasury?
Dirk: “The council collectively, the coffers are on one of the top floors of the tower. we could just pass it to Councilman Pudder’s paige who would then pass it along to him. is there a new connery on the council?”
Wulan: “no”
Dirk Toole: or we could just keep the information to ourselves
Wu-Lan: Let’s wait and see for a day, or until the council meeting when iggy comes back. I will keep the evidence until then.
Dirk Toole: ok well just hit it back to east castle, before the battle starts without us!!



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