The Adventures of The Knights of Pembroke

Missing Villager Part 2

The Well-traveled Road
Dirk and Dorian have returned to Pembroke. the party meets to discuss events. Aust has summoned a hero’s feast and there is plenty of food and drink to go around.
After exchanging pleasantries the two road weary scouts tell their story:
Dirk: “I know everyone missed me” (Laughter) “But im just mad that I missed the big fight. Turns out that me ’n dorian got into a fight of our own.”
Dorian: “After hearing from a young girl at East Castle that her boyfrind had gone missing we did a little investigating. As it turns out he was seen leaving town with some unknown charcter. So we followed some tracks northward until we came to a swamp. There we were ambushed by scores of undead creatures. They were quicker and tougher than zombies but they were easy enough to deal with anyhow. One of them matched the description that young girl gave of her boyfriend, unfortunately he was dead before we killed him. We were inspecting the other bodies when a new threat appeared. A knight wearing a red cape and wielding a frosty sword. He attempted to control our minds with a gaze attack and we barely escaped with our lives.”
Iggy: “Not another necromancer. And they’re always holed up in the middle of a swamp. But Boccob’s steeds can get us there quickly and safely.
We can’t all go though; the armies of Pembroke and East Castle are not quite battle-worthy should anyone take advantage of our absence.”
Dorian: “Dirk and I will stay here in Pembroke. I have no intention of facing those monsters again so soon.”
Dirk: “And I require much rest and drink before I lay my eyes on any dreadful swamp again.”

Guy, Konan, Iggy agree to head to the great swamp and get to the bottom of the vampire problem.
Konan: “Wu-Lan will you take care of East castle for me while I am gone?”
Wu-Lan “yes”



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