The Adventures of The Knights of Pembroke

New Councilmen Part 2

Pembroke Tower, Public Chambers
Donning: “Fellow council members, I present to you two candidates: Arthur Dent, of Greenwood, and Aust Wood-rock, of the Eldritch Forest. Ignatius, as you know these men best, would you say a few words on their behalf?”
Iggy: "Surely. I once studied under Rector Arthur; he is a superb magician and theologian. His wisdom and insight is much needed in designing the new Pembroke.
“Master Aust, whom you know a little better, once saved mine and Dirk’s lives after we fled the swamp of Kyuss. We owe our lives to him. He is attuned with the Divine, moreso even than I, and his deeds are pure.
Donning: “Thank you. What say ye?”
Both measures pass unanimously.
Arthur: "I must be honest, when I first visited Pembroke nearly 30 years ago, I found it rather dull for being the so-called City of Magic. From what I hear young Iggy seeks to bring about a revival, and it will be my life’s greatest work to help.
“Actually, I have an idea I’d been tossing around last night before I fell asleep. Is this the time for propositions?”
Donning: “Go right ahead, but make it quick please.”
Arthur: “I was worried about who would be Rector in my place. They’re all a fine bunch of students, yes, but I’m not sure they could keep things running as smoothly. I also thought about how, in the City of Magic of all places, there is not a proper temple to the Uncaring Will. When I woke up, I had figured it out: We could move the Greenwood temple here!”
Councilman Bruce: “You must be joking.”
Arthur: “Let me explain. In my studies I have read of a ancient magic, long since forgotten: Geomancy. It can be used to move not just objects or buildings but entire locations from one region of space to another.”
Councilman Oswold: “Do you know how to use this magic?”
Arthur: “Not yet, but there may be more information in the archives here. If I may, I will research this Geomancy as my first act of service to Pembroke.”
Iggy: “Such powerful magic – if it is more than myth… Please, take as long as you need. Our oldest archives are here in the 4th floor library.”
Aust: “As for me, I Greatly appretiate the chance to use my magic for the good of the common people but my home must remain the road. I will come to Pembroke’s aid when needed and particularily I will take it as my personal duty to make sure that the roads leading to and from this city are safe to all travelers. As such I wish to use a bit of the city’s treasury to fund an Expidition into the Eldrich Forest where my Mother’s family hails from. The city of Mages has lost contact with it’s Elven allies, it is time to make that friendship new!”
Connery: For the final seat I have nominated my nephew. He is a young magician away for schooling in the elven city. He was supposed to arrive today but there has been some unexpected delay."
Donning: Flips through some of the other nominations on her desk. “None of these are any good. What are we to do, there is a Council meeting tomarrow and we are still short one member.”
Then Wu-Lan enters the Hall with a young boy and a grown man in tail.
Wu-Lan: “here ladies and sirs!” he is smilinig widely and bows to the council “May I present my nomination for the final remaining seat of councilman?”
Donning: “Yes, you may master Wu-lan.”
Wu-Lan: Guestures to the man standing behind him “I present Mr. Pudder.”
Mr.Pudder: “I can read and I can write. I have a level head and my family has lived in pembroke’s peasant district for over 120 years. I surely have insight into what ails this city from a perspective that those of greater means might not understand.” upon speaking these last words he glances briefly in the direction of Mr. Connery."
Donning: “Those in favor of Mr. Pudder say Aye!”
And just like that the council is full.



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