Sigmar, Brass Dragon

Great wyrm brass dragon


Great Wyrm Brass Dragon age 1200+ years
Sorcerer caster level 20


Sigmar is one of the oldest and most powerful dragons of the Plane of Nudul, but his name has since fallen into obscurity. He sat on the Court of Mages (in an assumed human form, of course) in Pembroke and was one of the dissenters in the Great Schism. After abdicating from his post in Pembroke he fled north with fellow expatriate Calen Meltaur (Green Friend-of-the-trees). Years later they both fought alongside the Heroes of Valor in the slaying of the red dragon Kar’ganastthra (sp?); Meltaur met his demise in this battle. After the battle Sigmar took up residence in the mountains near Drrunholm as a watchful protector of the fort.
One thousand years passed, and one day while he was flying over Luthwanea forest Sigmar felt an overwhelming magical aura coming from the ground below. There was a tiny settlement, barely a dozen buildings all told, along the bank of the river there. He flew down to investigate. Everyone in the village was dead; killed by orcs passing through not two days ago. Sigmar searched the town for the source of the magical aura but found only a human infant hidden away in a cabinet, safe from the orcs, and now fast asleep. The child was clothed in a blanket emblazoned with the Eye of Boccob, a widely recognized symbol for magic.
Sigmar was sure the child would grow to be of great importance. He assumed human form again, something he had not done since his years in Pembroke, and decided to raise the child there in that very house.
Not all the villagers had been killed; a group of hunters had been out of the city during the attack and returned several days later. Sigmar explained to them that he was a traveling wizard who stumbled upon the village and the boy whose parents were among the dead, not mentioning he was actually a dragon wizard. They saw no harm in letting him stay, for he would be a formidable ally should another attack on the settlement occur. They told him the town was called Pending, and the boy was called Ignatius Mortimer Fallacious.
Sixteen years later, the young Iggy had nearly completed his apprenticeship under Sigmar. He sent Iggy on an errand to Luthwanea, but when he returned all the people had gone, and Sigmar’s home and magic shop had vanished. No one has seen or heard from him since.

Sigmar, Brass Dragon

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