4 staves of elvenkind


Appear as +2 quarterstaff (or mundane if dormant)
CL check or detect magic DC 21 or spellcraft DC 35

Snake Clan
Transmutes into a celestial huge viper w? greater invisibility
if slain the staff reverts to a +2 quarterstaff w/ no abilities for 24 hours.
At will: Magic Missile, Detect Magic, Summon Nature’s Ally III, Neutralize poison (CL 20).
1/day: dispel magic, speak w/ plants, speak w/ animals, hero’s feast
1 charge: baleful polymorph, tree stride, greater magic fang
5 charges: summon monster IX

Flame Clan
Transmutes to +5 keen flaming burst katana.
At will: magic missle, detect magic, summon natures ally III, scorching ray.
1/day: dispell magic, heat metal, wall of fire.
1 charge: heat metal, protection from 120 pts fire damage.
3 charges: Delayed blast fireball
5 charges: summon monster IX (fire subtype only)

Sky Clan
Transmutes to +5 comp +5 longbow of true strike (every 1d6 rounds)
At will: magic missle , detect magic, summon natures ally III, speak languages
1/day: dispel magic, greater scrying, auger, fly
1 charge: Aerial alacricity (touch)(RoW174)
2 charges: wind walk, call lightning storm
5 charges: summon monster IX (fly speed)

Sea Clan
Transmutes into a shocking burst trident
at will: magic missile, detect magic, summon nature ally III, water breathing
1/ day: dispel magic, augery, wall of cold
1 charge:control weather, cone of cold
5 charges: summon monster IX (swim speed)


Created by the elves. The staff of the snake clan is hidden in the south wood; the staff of the flame clan in __________ in the eldrich forest; and we know that the staff of the sky clan is held by the King of Falsara in Luthwanea. The staff of the sea clan is not recorded in the Pembroke museum.

4 staves of elvenkind

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