Staff of Melvin the Freeman


+2 quarterstaff

Detect/Read Magic: At will
Mage Hand: At will
All other cantrips: 1/day
Enlarge/reduce person: 1/day
Expeditious retreat: 1 chg
Ability buffs: 3/day (combined)
Knock: 1 chg
Fly: 1/day
Water breathing: 2 chg
Polymorph: 1/day
Stone shape: 2 chg
Transmute mud <→ rock: 1/day
Telekinesis: 3 chg
Tenser’s Transformation: 1/day
Stone <→ Flesh: 3 chg
Ethereal Jaunt: 4 chg
Polymorph any object: 4 chg
Time Stop: 5 chg

Wielder may pay 100 xp to add 1 charge, 1/day.

Wielder may make Spellcraft check DC 20 + spell level to cast a spell not on class spell list. If failed, take 1d6 damage per spell level and stun for one round (Will save 15 + spell level negates stun and halves damage)


In the final days of the War of Deserthome, Melvin fled to the desert and imparted his soul into this staff. Though the soul has not emerged to make this an intelligent item, the staff holds all of the spells that were in Melvin’s personal spellbook.

Staff of Melvin the Freeman

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