The Adventures of The Knights of Pembroke

New Council Members in Pembroke

Streets of Pembroke
Young boy: Hey, mister, aren’t you one of the Great Knights?
Wu-Lan: I suppose I am.
Young boy: Why did you let the giants break our house?
Wu-Lan: Well, I am not so great as to be in two places at once. The men who used to be in charge did not like my friend, so i had to go with him to protect him.
Young boy: Oh. My Dad should be in charge then, he wouldn’t want to kill anybody.
Wu-Lan: He sounds like a good man. Maybe later my friends and I could meet him.
Young boy: Okay! Hey, mister, wanna play catch?
Wu-Lan: Yes.

Pembroke Tower, Public Chambers
Iggy: “It has been over a thousand years since there have been three Council seats vacated at once. The laws state though that the first priority is appointing a new Senior. Lady Donning, as both the eldest and longest serving of all of us, I put your nomination to a vote.”
The council votes unanimously in favor.
Donning: "This is the greatest honor in the land. I accept the nomination. Let the historians point to this day as the return to greatness of the City of Magic.
“As for choosing new Councils, this has traditionally been the privilege of the remaining members. If I have learned anything from the great Ignatius, it is that one ought to listen to the people. I call a vote to leave the nominations to anyone who wishes to put one forth.”
Again a roomful of ayes.
(Donning calls a page)
Donning: “Set up a ballot box in the entry hall. After three days we will choose from the nominees.”
(the page does as he is told)
Iggy: “I have a nomination. There is a wizard named Arthur who lives in a hidden temple in Greenwood. His judgment is sound and his knowledge of magic is great. If he could be persuaded to leave his post there I am confident that he would make a fine Counselor.”
Guy: “I nominate Aust Wood-rock! He is a great warrior and his soul is pure. I have met none who has a deeper connection with the gods, surely he would make an excellent counselor!”
Donning: “We will take the nominations into consideration.”

Pembroke Attacked Part 3

Konan: in a cave on top of a mountain we found the giants There were many of them to kill but the women and children we left alive.
Wu-LAN: in their loremastes Chambers we found two books enable to enhance ones spirit with that of a sorcerer.

Pembroke Attacked Part 2

We return to Pembroke to find it ravaged. Fortunately the adventurer’s district has been left unharmed; we head to the Well-Travelled Road to find out what happened.
Barkeep: “The giants broke straight through the northern wall and headed to the tower, killing anyone they saw along the way. I watched them surround the tower, then spend a good hour trying to topple it. But nothing happened; they swung their fists and clubs, then the smart ones tried to rip the tower out of the ground. But the tower still stood with not even a scratch. Then they all gave up and went home. It was the strangest thing I ever saw.”
Aust: “They didn’t just ‘give up’; hill giants aren’t smart enough for that. They went to get more muscle. Reinforcements. They’ll be back.”
Iggy: “So do we just wait here until they come back or what?”
Guy: “Giants shouldn’t be hard to track. We should follow them and find out where they came from and who sent them.”
After hearing of the aftermath of the giant attack Iggy, Wu-Lan, and Guy go to confront the Council.
Iggy: “I hereby call a special session of the Court of Pembroke. Councilmembers Donning and Oswold have cosponsored a redress of grievances against Councilmembers Connery, Gainsbrook and Tallmast.”
Councilman Connery: “What nonsense is this?”
Councilwoman Donning: "We have obtained letters you wrote to Marcos Tallmast and Raven Gainsbrook indicating that Ignatius’ social policies were a threat to the magocracy (sic) and that he must be stopped by any means necessary. Councilman Oswold, would you read the letter please?
Oswold reads the letter. Gainsbrook and Tallmast blanch while Connery grows furious.
Connery: “And what does that letter prove? I have committed no crime.”
Iggy: "It is common knowledge that I was attacked twice, once while walking on South Main Street in broad daylight, and once while in my office. I was also poisoned, but luckily the Mages’ Guild supplied me with a dose of universal antitoxin. This letter is undeniable proof that the three of you were responsible for these assassination attempts.
“I call a vote. Those in favor of charging Councilmembers Connery, Gainsbrook and Tallmast with my attempted murder, say aye.”
Ignatius’ and three other voices are heard, the other being Kerrick Brownstone.
Iggy: “And the nays?”
Connery, Gainsbrook and Tallmast all shout.
Donning: “Then they ayes have it.”
Iggy: "Furthermore, as a result of these attacks I and my companions (the Knights of Pembroke) were forced to leave the city. With Commander Konan and the bulk of the army busy rebuilding Eastcastle Pembroke was defenseless against the giant attack. Had we been here surely they would not have even breached the city wall.
“Not only this, but in our absence the three of you did not step up as protectors of the people. You hid here in this tower and feared for your lives. You have shirked your duty to the people of Pembroke.”
“I call another vote. Those in favor of charging Councilmembers Connery, Gainsbrook and Tallmast with high treason, say aye.”
This time all but the accused concur.
Oswold: “By a seven vote majority the ayes have it. The penalty for high treason, as we all know, is execution. Gentleman, your time as so-called leaders of the City of Pembroke is over.”
Guy: “It appears that Pembroke is in need of new council members. Councilmen, shall I send ravens to the kingdoms requesting that they send their finest men and women for a trial of rulership?”
Wu-Lan: “We have the makings of rulers here among us. Let us search among the citizenry in the aftermath. Many great concepts are born of strife.”
After the offending councilmen have been escorted to their prison cells to await trial.
Guy: “councilmen, what of the giants? certainly they must be tracked down and slain we cannot allow such destruction to our city without repercussion.”
Oswald: “The giants made sure that we knew they would be back. It must have been good fortune which drew them away. perhaps dire news from their homeland or realizing that what they sought was not here.”
Iggy: “Lady Donning, eldest of all of us, you will hereby be Senior Council. I have faith in your ability to undo the damage done not only by our recent invaders but by the oligarchy that has been entrenched for so long. If you feel comfortable restoring order on your own the Knights and I will go to the giant’s home and demand restitution, or if do will not comply, at least weaken them so they will no longer be a threat. Upon my return we shall call upon Odin, incarnate of the All-Seeing Eye, to aid us in rebuilding the Council.”
Guy: “A wise decision councilman, I am yours to command.”

The execution took place later that day in a square where many of the cities worker’s and peasants were present. Ignatious acted as executioner casting a lightning bolt spell which fried the three betrayers and the crowd was in awe of his power. They cheered “Hurray for the Knights of Pembroke! Hurray for Justice!”
Despite the gruesome scene of fried councilmen Aust could not help but smile.

Pembroke Attacked by a tribe of Hill Giants

East Castle
A raven Arrives at East Castle from the council. They are requesting our immediate return to the city. A tribe of Hill Giants have ransacked a small village near Pembroke and are now outside the city walls demanding that we give them the staff of Melvin the transmuter, which is in iggy’s possession. Since Konan and half the army have gone AWOL the city has no defenses and the giants are expected to attack within 24 hours!!!

When you attempt to find your friends Dorian and Dirk are nowhere to be found. Konan refuses to offer his help explaining that he needs to defend his own castle. So the characters available for this mission are: Wu-lan, Iggnatious, Aust, and Guy.

Wu-Lan: “Well even if we dont help, the giants will come after us, so even though the council wanted iggy dead I dont think the life of the city should be forfeit”
Guy: “We must gather our things and keep the treasure from the dragon safe.”

Village Square
An hour later villager on horseback arrives from Pembroke:
“attacked!” he screams “the city has been attacked! the walls are ruined” he gasps for air and slides down off his horse to meet the heroes. “scores dead. women, children… my bother” his eyes meet the dirt below his feet" and then he mutters something.
“what was that?” says guy.
“nothing” says the messenger “everyone was just so sure that you guys would come to be our champions again” he is fighting back tears. “but now theyre all dead!” he casts an evil look upon the party then climbs back atop his mount. “some of us escaped they weren’t taking any prisoners they just seemed to be killing everyone.”
“well damn,” says Iggy “it takes a bit to get my materials together to cast phantom steeds, we will get there as fast as we can.”

Missing Villager

Eastcastle Village
Villager: my boyfriend has gone missing
Dirk: We will find him. C’mon dorian
Dorian: “ok”
Villager: he was hunting north of the castles and never came back.
Dorian and dirk go to search for the missing boy.

Foreigners Arrive at New East Castle

After Slaying the blue dragon in the tunnels of the Hole in The Ground We Travel back to East castle. While in Southwood and the dessert Konan left New East Castle Defenseless. When he returns, the ships with the foreign banner have sent their cargo ashore, including a gnomish expert named Gooblin who crafts and repairs Dobson Wares.

An emisarry from the city of Spree is staying on the ship. A few of his soldiers are staying in a tent on the beach. Townsfolk say that he wished to make conversation with the new king of East Castle and wished permission to come ashore.

Konan see the emissary briefly before his trip back to pembroke. He agrees to let the Dobson Merchants from spree ashore saying that they may only sell thier guns to his private army. He hints that if sales were to become public there would be a tax which he would collect as king of New East Castle.

Coming to shore at night, the merchant and his employees are an odd bunch. Small like halflings, they all wear dark gray robes and cover every inch of their skin with bandage wraps. Upon their robes is an insignia shaped like a gear. The merchant says that he needs a workshop which is protected completely from sunlight.

The emissary, named Duke Bartholemeau from Mutton, may also remain ashore but must remain outside the castle walls.

Fighting A Blue Dragon

Desert south of The Hole in the Ground. Dirk, guy, Iggy, Dorian, Aust, and Wu-lan following a pair of solar bears in hopes that the great blue dragon that they heard about in Mr’gen will show itself. After tracking the solar bears on foot for a full day Dorian surmises that we havereached the middle of the dessert. We are far enough south that the glow of a second sun can be seen on the horizon at night. The bears have led us to a rocky outcropping. The great blue Dragon had yet t
o show. This was not surprising since te souce lf lut information had mentioned that thjs dragon was not known for meat eating but preferred a diet of metal andi gems. It was the next day that we decided to stop following the solar bears a.d instead Iggy summoned two magical phantom horses along with guys’ golden warhorse which he summoned from celestia we rode in style. Strait south into the deep desert and the second sun. the idea was to create as much dust as possible and thus aatract the dragon who supposed was keeping people from traveling across his land.
it was long before Wu-Lan’s keen senses struck and he saw far in the sky to the north a shape flying through the sky. And at thiswe wondered. Could it be the dragon? We kept riding until and the shape kept getting bigger behind us.
When the beast was finally above us those who could not fight on horseback dismounted. Dorian and aust quickly notched arrow to there bows and AZ the beating of the Dradragons wings stirred the air around us they began to unleash arrows. guys began praying to invole his aura of courave and Iggy recited the words to pne of his enchantment Donella

Arrival at Mr'gen in Southwood

We travel south from East Castle down the coast of the estic sea. After trekking over a hill we enter a balmy forest. Eventually we come upon a paved road and follow it until meeting another traveler. He is an elf named _______. He leads us to his people’s City called Mr’gen.

Streets of Mr’gen
Fisherman: “I saw a mermaid yesterday.”

Hunter: “The lizardmen in the desert are growing in numbers.”

Maiden: “Some of us Have gills, see,” she displays her own gills then laughs merrily.

Old man: “There once was a blue dragon who flew by here often and demanded tribute in gems; but he hasn’t been seen in years. Probably just hiding somewhere in the desert gaining power with age…”

A Well Kept Secret

On a trip to see the master weaponsmith Leiftrassa we sit down with her to chat and she tells us about a secret mine full of adamantine ore that only she knows about. If we agree to bring her some ore to work with she will tell us where this secret mine is located.

Description needed for this adventure. The encounter with the stone giants on our way their and the fight with the bronze serpent once inside the mine.


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