The Adventures of The Knights of Pembroke

Desserted Temple in Greenwood

After our failed attempt to approach the Necromancer’s castle and being chased south by his minions we enter a dark forest. There as we rested a noise could be heard and an armored man could be seen leading his gray horse through the muddy trees towards us.
“Hail!” cried the elf. Then seeing our wounds he hurried forward. “Let me take care of those for you,” he said and knelt clutching a holy sybol in his hands.
then he spoke in Elven saying “Farlanghan, Heal these wounded travelers and set them right so that they may wander again upon the vast and infinite paths which you have lain.” With that there was a light which sprang from his fingers and Lirin’s wounds were healed. He repeated the prayer for Dirk and Ignatious before rising to his feet and introducing himself. “I am Aust Wood-Rock, servant of the gods hailing from Green Wood. Who may you travelers be?”

After introducing ourselves and quickly telling our story he said “These woods have become increasingly dangerous and infested with evil creatures. I’d been here hunting only to find that most of the animals had been turned into zombies. It’s not safe here and it sounds like a powerful evil is now residing in that castle which for so long had been empty.” He paused to ponder, “there is a wizard’s temple over the mountain in the Southern part of Green Wood. Perhaps they could tell us more about necromancy and how to defeat this evil.”

So we traveled with Aust leading the way, until we came upon a squat square structure covered in moss and lichen with a crubmbling roof. When we rounded the corner we saw steps leading down into the building. Nearby under a tree we spot a small figure sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed. Getting closer we see that it was a halfling wearing the clothes of a monk.
Lirin shouts “Who goes there!”
Not seeming the least startled and with near lightning speed the halfling leapt to his feet. He assumed a fighting pose with his fists clenched. Dirk could not help but laugh at the tiny figure.
Dirk: “Bwahaharr! HAR-HAR-HAR!!”
Then a noise came from behind the party like a rhinoserous crashing through thew trees and a deep battlecry “YAAAAARGGH!!!”. A large half-orc came round the building corner but Dirk was ready for him. The small monk then made his move. He flew into combat with Lirin, a whir of fists and feet.
Though he was an adept fighter Lirin knew that the halfling was not giving it his all so she fought defensively. Her wolf circled the fight caustiously waiting for her signal. Aust atop his grey mare notched an arrow to his bow. Meanwhile the enraged half-orc whose body was virtulally covered in tattoos and whose face was pierced in every way imaginable tried viscously to hack Dirk to pieces with his over-sized sword. Iggy, standing in the middle, took a moment to analyze the situation. Seeing that Lirin was handling herself well against the halfling he turned upon the half-orc. Chanting the magic words and making the proper signs with his hands, Iggy cast a daze spell upon the barbarian. Then turning to the monk he said, “Halt! We are not your enemies! Please call this mad beast off his attack!”
Steadfast and seeing that he was outnumbered the halfling waited a few seconds while his companion regained conciousness.
Halfling: “Konan! Stop your attack. We are outmatched.”
Konan, still taking deep breaths, nods his head in understanding.
A few more moments and the tension broke. Aust came over and dismounted from his horse. “Hello, my name is Aust Wood-Rock my father hails from these woods but nearer to Pembroke.” He held his hand out to the halfling and kept a wary eye on the half-orc.
Dirk, still holding a defensive stance and glaring at the half-orc: “What are you doing hanging round here Mud-blood!”
Wu-Lan: “Do not call my friend that! He is a great warrior named Konan!”
Konan: “Me Konan.” he points at his own chest. “Who you?”
Aust moves towards the seven foot man with his hand out: “I am Aust woodrock. I am a cleric of the Great Traveler. If you want I can pray to my god and he will heal the wounds that my dimwitted friend hath bestown upon thee.”
Konan: “No need. Konan is strong.”
Wu-Lan: “Quite the diverse band of travelers, a dwarf warrior, an elvish cleric, a half-elf warrior, and a wizard. Please introduce yourselves; but first let us move away from this building a few yards,Konan and I have killed most off the denizens of this building but we fear that more may appear at any moment.”
Lirin: “I am Lirin of the Hawk Tribe. We hail from north of the great swamp.”
Dirk: “And I’m Dirk.”
Iggy: “And I am Ignatious Felatious”
Aust to Wu-Lan: “What denizens do you speak of sir, last I heard a small band of lore-keepers lived in this temple surely you have not murdered them…”
Wu-Lan: “Loremasters? Hmmm.. none of those. Just big spiders who attacked us as soon as we came near the building. As far as we can tell the building is empty.”
Konan: “Spider nest!” he points at the entrance to the temple.
Wu-lan: “Konan was out hunting for our diner when you happened upon me meditating.” At this Konan grinned a wide toothy smile.
Konan: “Dinner!” and he turned to show a small dead deer which had been slung over his backpack.
Dirk: “Now that’s what I’m talking about.”
Lirin: “Poor thing, we must thank Elhona for this soul’s noble sacrifice.”
Konan: “No time for thanks. Meat fresh now. You! Wood!” he points at Dirk. “You! Water!” he points at Iggy. “You! Come with me. Talk, prepare,” he geastures with the carcass toward Lirin and smiles.
Wu-Lan quitely to Aust: “I’m sorry. My friend is used to getting his way. Believe me, it will be easier if your companions do as he says.”
Aust convinces his friends to co-operate with the brutish Konan.

Later the six adventurers sit around a campfire eating an early dinner, the sun still hanging low in the sky.
Aust: “Strange that this temple is deserted,I guess I have been away from Greenwood for too long.”
Iggy: “Aust, you had mentioned that this was a wizard’s temple. Perhaps I could investigate and find smoething that these two overlookled.”
Wu-Lan: “Now there’s an idea.”
Dirk: “Sure thing! Iggy can always figure it out!” Beaming at him and munching on a big roasted drumstick.
Aust: “I know a thing or two about wizard’s and they can definately be a tricky bunch. I can’t believe that Arthur would let his temple go to ruin like this; at least not without a good reason.”
Lirin: “Whose Arthur?”

The Walking Dead

Having heard from Bacchus, The South Wind, that evil was stirring in the Great Swamp Dirk, Lirin, and Ignatious head south through the plains. In the afternoon when their feet began to hurt and Dirk began to go on and on about settling down to have a few beers, they came across a small farmhouse and were greeted by a young human named Kiyl. Kiyl immediately recognized the trio as traveling swords and quickly invited them into his home.
As the sun set the four of them settled down in his small thatched roof hut around a small chimeny stove where Kiyl cooked some flax seeds and vegetables in a pot.
“My brother’s wife has gone missing,” Kiyl said with his back turned. “And every night around my house there are things walking outside.” He turns and sets the pot on the table in between them all.
“What kind of things?” Pipes in Dirk as his greedy eyes dart around looking for valuables. He spots a sword with a Jem in the hilt leaning by a wardrobe. “If it’s monsters you’ve got we can help,” he winks,"may I have a look at that sword.
“Perhaps after the meal you may inspect my father’s sword Sir dwarf-” his tone became serious and he looked Ignatious in the eye, “I was explaining that the dead have been walking the plains at night! A foul name is carried on a foul wind!”
Iggy “What name is that?”
Kiyl “It is the old name of death. The lord Nerull who comes for us all! Riders wearing black armor are always present with the dead walkers; they brandish his sigil the sythe of the reaper!”Farmers and their children have gone missing. We all know that they are out there walking dead but we are all too afraid to do anything about it. I heard that when Topaz was attacked South Wind Baccus was almost defeated in battle!"
Lirin: “Is Baccus the one who we met at The grove? He was a powerful healer and warrior, whatever we are up against it must be great.”
Iggy: “Nomatter.” He then spoke directly at Kiyl, “The three of us are more powerful than he, when did your brother’s wife go missing?”
Kiyl: “It was last night, a couple riders torched his house and even tho he got one with his bow he could not stop the other two from capturing his wife. It’s no use she one of them now.” He looked down sullenly. Dirk sloshed stew into his mouth, not seeming to pay attention.
Iggy put his hand on Kiyl’s shoulder, “not necessarily my friend sometimes the soul of a beautiful maiden can be worth more to a person, or technically a devil, than just to turn into a mere zombie!”
Dirk looked up from his bowl “you’ve got that laddie, what i wouldn’t give for the soul of a beautiful maiden right now.”
Lirin: “shh Dirk!”
Kiyl: “what exactly do you mean?”
Iggy: I mean she may not be dead yet! but we haven’t any time to lose. Take us to your brother’s farmhouse immediatly so that we can get a better description of our adversaries!"
Dirk: but I haven’t finished dinner or even opened the ale jug yet
Lirin: No time! Iggy is right if we want to catch these guys we have to act fast."
Kiyl: Wow you guys- and girls- are the real thing. I’ll get my horse and bring my brother here before the sun sets He is staying at an uncle’s house only but a mile up the plain."
Dirk: “great we’ll keep guard over the stew and come up with a plan” he hoisted his bowl of steaming flax stew in a geausture of good will.
Lirin: I will go with It’s getting dark and my dog needs to go on a run anyways."
Before long dirk and Iggy were left alone in the Small Thatched roof farmhouse.
Iggy: slowly eating his stew “This is big, I can feel it, something is going to happen, I need time, write more scolls, but there is no time.”
Dirk: “We’ve got it pal, no need to worry, can’t be worse than that deal in Luthwanea. I’ve never heard of any worshippers of nerul ever causing too much damage.”
Iggy: “yeah but this is different, If as many incidents as have been happening around here , that just alot of zombies. Which could mean that there are many worshippers not just one or two; either that or…”
Dirk: “or what?” he twitsted his mustache.
Iggy: “…Or a really powerful one.”

Sent to the Plane of Fire

We had just arrived at the grove of the four winds to seek council with a great lore-master who we heard lived there.

Ted's Bandits

In the small shanty town of Mickens at the foot of Drrunholm there is a band of ex soldier’s led by a man named Theodore Splitty. The group includes known highway robbers and is currently in the buisness of capturing and selling Ibixians. Ibixians are Goat-men who live in the land of Green-top and also in the Highlands. When Lirin heard about the enslavement of these people she became silent and refused to anything else before investigating further. Further investigating and asking around yielded more information. Ted and his bandits were camped about 1 mile from Mickens; having just arrived back from Greentop they had their slave cargo still with them and had not so secretly set up shop before heading west to Mutton where slavery is supposedly legal. Lirin drew her sword and it took both Dirk and Ignatious to calm her down.
Dirk: “I’ll go investigate so that at least we know how many of them we are up against.”
Iggy: “He’s talking sense, Lirin, we can’t just go crashing in without knowing what to expect.”
Of course she knew that they were right; it was times like these that made her question the morality of the entire human race. In the forest of Luthwanea where she was raised even beasts could not be tamed unless it was their will. Freedom to her was the measure of life and morality and thus slavery seemed incomprehensible.
Lirin: “sure Dirk, you can check it out. But either way justice will be dealt.” Her white wolf seemed to nod in agreement."
Dirk: “It’s settled then, that man gave me a pretty good description of how to get to their camp. Let’s pack up and head out.”
The trio made their way a mile to the south and spotted amongst giant boulders a few wagons arranged in a semi-circle, a large cage full of furry, horned people had been erected nearby.
Dirk: “I will pretend that I’m here to purchase and get a good look around the camp, then we’ll wait till dusk when they are nice and tired to attack.”
(needs description of battle)

Delving into Fargo Deep

Dirk: “It was me and Iggy’s first real adventure together. We had survived the peril’s of the forest and the plains, but there at the castle of Drrunholm we landed upon a real treasure. A friend of mine, a cousin to be precise, who worked at the Drrunholm brewery said that he overheard some old graybeards talking about a family treasure hidden up in the mountain near Greentop in an old iron mine called Fargo Deep. And my cousin’s grandfather used to work in that mine so he happened to know where it was. For a price he sold me a map. I gathered my new friend’s Iggnatious and Lirin. We set of that day and hurried to beat the old men to their tresure.”
Halfling: “Did you make it? Did you beat em there?”
Dirk: “Yeah we did but the entrance to the mine was sealed by magic and only the proper keystone could open it.”
Halfling: “So whadya do?”
Dirk: “My memory is fuzzy, Iggy can you help me out here?”
Iggy: “As I recall we waited in hiding near the cave until the dwarves showed up with the key. They opened the great stone doors and I performed a most expeditious retreat to distract them and led them on a hopeless chase around the mountain. With the door wide open you and Lirin darted inside, took the key, and I just barely made my way in as the doors shut, the other dwarves locked outside and quite angry. We figured we could outlast them, or if not find an alternate exit.”
Halfling: “That’s one hell of a plan. What did you find there?”
Iggy: "Lots of jermlaines, tiny ratfolk who attacked us with rocks and poison darts from hiding places. It took a while but we were able to kill enough to force them to retreat. After a tight squeeze through their burrows we found a rickety elevator and took it down to the mines. They were long since deserted. We explored a bit and found a cache of ioun stones – powerful stones of naturally occurring concentrated magic. Though as soon as we took them the ceiling began to cave in! Booby trap or not we barely made it to the elevator shaft and had to pull ourselves up by hand.
“We left the mines ready to confront the dwarves (whose ancestral treasure we had just stolen) but the outcropping outside was deserted. Or so we thought, until we heard a cocky human voice tell us to give up the stones.”

Arrival at Drrunholm

This is where we first meet Guy Wysman, Champion of Boccob, and Jovall a ranger from the plains.

Vasuthant Encounter

Dirk, Ignatious, and Lirin are confronted by an evil spirit of the void while following the Ioland River upstream from Pending.
(combat description required)

Intruder's at the Tiger Lily Grove

Dirk: “The day after Odin Appears to us we are traveling west through Luthwanea with Lirin leading us. We are on the way to the Tiger Lily Grove a place that was special to Lirin because she used to go there as a child; and also because it was holy according to the Druids of the Forest. So we were trudging along and the sun began to go down and it was especially dark under the trees. Ignatious brought his magic fire stone from out of his pack, its magic blue flame was still unfamiliar and queer to me. There was talk of settling down to make camp but Lirin insisted that we continue because she knew we could make it to the grove and its glorious pond before long. So we continued on.”
Wu-Lan: “What happened next?”
Dirk: “Well, we went up this hill, still under the trees, and the night was really dark now. Of course I had no trouble seeing nearby because of my Dwarven vision but Lirin was the one who spoted it through the trees. It was another light; queer like Iggy’s but red and it passes between the trees.”
Lirin: “Then I got this feeling and I knew something was up, if those goblins could pass into the forest perhaps, but there was no perhaps by then I knew. My wolf and I acted quick to chase down whoever bore the magic light, Dirk and Iggy weren’t far behind.”
Dirk: “As I was coming up I saw the flashes of light made by magical attacks, Lirin was locked into combat with a cloaked figure.”
Lirin: “He was a human, the apprentice the evil summoner who we would eventually kill that night.”

(Description needed: fight at the grove, involving the summoning circle and dirk’s use of the ring of 3 wishes to save Lirin and kill the Summoner. “or is that how it went?”)

Odin Appears!

While making camp an old man in a purple cloak and wearing a wide-brimmed hat quietly approachs and sits among us. He speaks freely and we act as if under a spell. The old man introduces himself as Odin, a servant of the gods. He then proceeds to prophecise to us a event in which one of us will die, one of us will save another, and one of us will sacrifice everyhting. (or something like that, ian help me out here!!!!)


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