The Adventures of The Knights of Pembroke

The Begining of a Great Adventure

It all began in a small town called pending. Iggy’s instructor, and boss, Sigmar the Magician was expecting company.

The company is…

Botched Robbery

Dirk and two human warriors attempt to rob Lirin and Ignatious as they walk down a trail.

Goblins in Luthwanea

Dirk, Lirin, and Ignatious happen upon some goblins who are in possesion of pass without trace potions. They are also in possesion of bags full of herbs that are well known for being processed into powerful addictive drugs and grow wild in some parts of Forest Luthwanea. Dirk is able to intimidate them into telling us that they work for an alchemist who lives in the camp of Mickens at the foot of Drrunholm.

Odin Appears!

While making camp an old man in a purple cloak and wearing a wide-brimmed hat quietly approachs and sits among us. He speaks freely and we act as if under a spell. The old man introduces himself as Odin, a servant of the gods. He then proceeds to prophecise to us a event in which one of us will die, one of us will save another, and one of us will sacrifice everyhting. (or something like that, ian help me out here!!!!)

Intruder's at the Tiger Lily Grove

Dirk: “The day after Odin Appears to us we are traveling west through Luthwanea with Lirin leading us. We are on the way to the Tiger Lily Grove a place that was special to Lirin because she used to go there as a child; and also because it was holy according to the Druids of the Forest. So we were trudging along and the sun began to go down and it was especially dark under the trees. Ignatious brought his magic fire stone from out of his pack, its magic blue flame was still unfamiliar and queer to me. There was talk of settling down to make camp but Lirin insisted that we continue because she knew we could make it to the grove and its glorious pond before long. So we continued on.”
Wu-Lan: “What happened next?”
Dirk: “Well, we went up this hill, still under the trees, and the night was really dark now. Of course I had no trouble seeing nearby because of my Dwarven vision but Lirin was the one who spoted it through the trees. It was another light; queer like Iggy’s but red and it passes between the trees.”
Lirin: “Then I got this feeling and I knew something was up, if those goblins could pass into the forest perhaps, but there was no perhaps by then I knew. My wolf and I acted quick to chase down whoever bore the magic light, Dirk and Iggy weren’t far behind.”
Dirk: “As I was coming up I saw the flashes of light made by magical attacks, Lirin was locked into combat with a cloaked figure.”
Lirin: “He was a human, the apprentice the evil summoner who we would eventually kill that night.”

(Description needed: fight at the grove, involving the summoning circle and dirk’s use of the ring of 3 wishes to save Lirin and kill the Summoner. “or is that how it went?”)

Vasuthant Encounter

Dirk, Ignatious, and Lirin are confronted by an evil spirit of the void while following the Ioland River upstream from Pending.
(combat description required)

Arrival at Drrunholm

This is where we first meet Guy Wysman, Champion of Boccob, and Jovall a ranger from the plains.

Delving into Fargo Deep

Dirk: “It was me and Iggy’s first real adventure together. We had survived the peril’s of the forest and the plains, but there at the castle of Drrunholm we landed upon a real treasure. A friend of mine, a cousin to be precise, who worked at the Drrunholm brewery said that he overheard some old graybeards talking about a family treasure hidden up in the mountain near Greentop in an old iron mine called Fargo Deep. And my cousin’s grandfather used to work in that mine so he happened to know where it was. For a price he sold me a map. I gathered my new friend’s Iggnatious and Lirin. We set of that day and hurried to beat the old men to their tresure.”
Halfling: “Did you make it? Did you beat em there?”
Dirk: “Yeah we did but the entrance to the mine was sealed by magic and only the proper keystone could open it.”
Halfling: “So whadya do?”
Dirk: “My memory is fuzzy, Iggy can you help me out here?”
Iggy: “As I recall we waited in hiding near the cave until the dwarves showed up with the key. They opened the great stone doors and I performed a most expeditious retreat to distract them and led them on a hopeless chase around the mountain. With the door wide open you and Lirin darted inside, took the key, and I just barely made my way in as the doors shut, the other dwarves locked outside and quite angry. We figured we could outlast them, or if not find an alternate exit.”
Halfling: “That’s one hell of a plan. What did you find there?”
Iggy: "Lots of jermlaines, tiny ratfolk who attacked us with rocks and poison darts from hiding places. It took a while but we were able to kill enough to force them to retreat. After a tight squeeze through their burrows we found a rickety elevator and took it down to the mines. They were long since deserted. We explored a bit and found a cache of ioun stones – powerful stones of naturally occurring concentrated magic. Though as soon as we took them the ceiling began to cave in! Booby trap or not we barely made it to the elevator shaft and had to pull ourselves up by hand.
“We left the mines ready to confront the dwarves (whose ancestral treasure we had just stolen) but the outcropping outside was deserted. Or so we thought, until we heard a cocky human voice tell us to give up the stones.”

Ted's Bandits

In the small shanty town of Mickens at the foot of Drrunholm there is a band of ex soldier’s led by a man named Theodore Splitty. The group includes known highway robbers and is currently in the buisness of capturing and selling Ibixians. Ibixians are Goat-men who live in the land of Green-top and also in the Highlands. When Lirin heard about the enslavement of these people she became silent and refused to anything else before investigating further. Further investigating and asking around yielded more information. Ted and his bandits were camped about 1 mile from Mickens; having just arrived back from Greentop they had their slave cargo still with them and had not so secretly set up shop before heading west to Mutton where slavery is supposedly legal. Lirin drew her sword and it took both Dirk and Ignatious to calm her down.
Dirk: “I’ll go investigate so that at least we know how many of them we are up against.”
Iggy: “He’s talking sense, Lirin, we can’t just go crashing in without knowing what to expect.”
Of course she knew that they were right; it was times like these that made her question the morality of the entire human race. In the forest of Luthwanea where she was raised even beasts could not be tamed unless it was their will. Freedom to her was the measure of life and morality and thus slavery seemed incomprehensible.
Lirin: “sure Dirk, you can check it out. But either way justice will be dealt.” Her white wolf seemed to nod in agreement."
Dirk: “It’s settled then, that man gave me a pretty good description of how to get to their camp. Let’s pack up and head out.”
The trio made their way a mile to the south and spotted amongst giant boulders a few wagons arranged in a semi-circle, a large cage full of furry, horned people had been erected nearby.
Dirk: “I will pretend that I’m here to purchase and get a good look around the camp, then we’ll wait till dusk when they are nice and tired to attack.”
(needs description of battle)


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