Classes in Nudul

Class Skills: All skills are class skills. meaning all classes have access to all skill. We did this to really flesh out characters and see what kinds of characters the players can come up with.

Clerics: Of all the classes in the player’s handbook this one is the most common spellcaster among all of the races.

Wizards: Wizardry was first practiced among the elves and has spread to some of the human settelments but this class is actually exremely rare. Most Arcane spellcasters are adepts (an NPC class from the dungeon master’s guide)

Experts: A very popular class especially among the older races. This class can include craftsmen such as smiths, fletchers, and masons or it could include professionals like doctors, lawyers, engineers.

Samurai: The Men of both Valor and The Plains have mastered the arts of Sword-smithing and Sword-fighting. Masterwork bastard swords made by these smiths are known as Katana and the men who weild them are known as Samurai. Valorian or Port Shore Samurai can be found far from home acting as Sherrif to any establishment or town.

Classes in Nudul

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