Forest Luthwanea

The forest of Luthwanea is Located in the norther part of Noodul between the Noralic Sea and The Krakren Mountains. The River Toland Runs winds through Luthwanea and is the lifeblood of the forest. The people of Luthwanea are of mixed elven and human descent. They are hunter’s and gatherers who are constantly on the move and build only a few permanent settlements and shelters for the cold months. A council of Druids rules over the forest and all of the tribes give their allegiance to the Druid Council.

Falsara is a kingdom of elves who live along the Toland River in the forest of Luthwanea. The elves of Falsara are known for making the finest river running vessels in all of Nudul.
GP Limit: 100,000
Population: 12,000 (city). 50,000 (Kingdom).
Racial Demographics: elf 85%, half-elf 5%, halfling 2%, gnome 2%, dwarf 1%, kitsune 5%.
Professional Demographics: 50% hunter gatherers, 40% tradesmen, 10% warriors,
Prominent Deities: Corellian Latherian, Elhona
Power Centers: King of Falsara (lawful good) and the Church of Corellia (neutral good), The Order of Po (lawful good)
Highest Level NPCs:
Mythysysisi Ancient Bronze Dragon (Sorcerer CL 17)
King Yami Cloud-Leaf level 17 sorcerer
Head Priestess Sara Sun-Tree level 20 elven cleric
Master Eee level 15 elven monk
Master Shipwright level 20 elven expert

A town on the eastern edge of the Forest Luthwanea the men of Migir are not directly loyal to the Elven King but are considered to be friends and allies of the elves.
Population: 4,000
Racial Demographics: 40% human, 15% half elf, 15% elf, 15% halfling, 10% gnome, 5% dwarf
Professional Demographics: 30% fishermen, 30% farmers, 35% tradesmen, 5% warriors.
Power Center: Mayor (lawful good) and Church of Pelor (nuetral good)
Prominent Deities: Corellian Latherian, Elonah, Pelor, St. Peter and Paul, Obad-Hai.
Highest Level NPCs:
Priest level 10 human cleric
Shipwrights 5 level 10 elven experts
Sheriff level 9 human samurai
Deputy level 8 elven samurai
Magician level 5 human adept

Population: 500
Power Centers: Druid Council (chaotic good), King of Falsara (lawful good)
Highest level NPCs:
Priestess level 12 druid
Huntmaster level 10 ranger
10 level 10 experts.

Population: 100
Racial Demographic: 80% half-elf, 20% elf
Professional Demographic: 50% hunters, 50% gatherers
Prominent Deities: elhona, obad-hai
Power Center: Priestess (neutral good)
Alligence: The Druid Council of Luthwanea (neutral good)
GP limit: 200
Highest Level NPCs:
Priestess level 5 Cleric of Elhona
Huntmaster level 5 Ranger or Scout
Smith level 5 expert
Fletcher level 5 expert


Forest Luthwanea

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