Celine Ravenhurst, Diseased

Spellsword of Spree (1098-1133 P.S.)


level 1 fighter, level 5 sorcerer, level 1 spellsword


Celine is from Spree, a city on the Estic Sea. He traveled west to the Plains of the Four Winds looking for fame and fortune and found himself a comfortable home treasure and bounty hunting in a town called Mickins at the foot of the ancient Dwarf Tower called Drunnholm.
Celine is an evil trickster who is willing to lie and cheat and kill innocents for money.
After Stealing the Ioun Stones from Lirinm, Iggy, and Dirk he Travels to the eldrich forest and fights a young green dragon to near death. He then uses a collar of domination to control the dragon and use it as his mount.
He nearly dies in a battle with the PCs at the temple of Boccob in South Green Wood.
He was killed in the Mid-summer’s War at Pembroke’s gates.

Celine Ravenhurst, Diseased

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