The Adventures of The Knights of Pembroke

Foreigners Part 3

Wu-Lan and Dirk arrive by phantom steed at East Castle in the afternoon. With them are the documents incriminating the Connery family in thievery of public funds and all of the loot from the estate. A raven has arrived from Iggy and it reads:

“We have encountered one vampire, and forced him to retreat. Tonight we camp in the hills outside Saxville. Tomorrow we will make our way to the keep, hopefully while the sun is up. May request backup. Konan says ‘Better have plenty turkey left when I get back’.”

dirk: captain what of the developments here
captain: speak with my spy Miss Litefoot.
spy: I sneaked into the east wall which is crawling above and below with soldiers. I know the emblem of a Sacred Star and Tree it is from a forest north of the Iron Mountains. Within the tower I saw-
Dirk: How were you able to get past the guards unharmed?
spy: I said that i sneaked in. anyways I saw that they are keeping a dire bear and a rock troll on the second floor near the mage’s chambers and the dukes chambers is on the top floor. I saw an imp talking to a dwarf and giving him orders.
captain: we have also spotted a flying vessel; i believe it is called a dirigible which we believe transported the new troops. We might be outnumbered.
wu-Lan: That’s it, I’ve heard enough. They leave now, and by force!



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