The Adventures of The Knights of Pembroke

Hunting Undead Part 3

The Party’s Camp, Outskirts of Saxville
Guy: We have forced the monster to retreat. Igy, What is our next move?
Aust: I have A suspicion that we have been followed we should move our camp, anyone can see us here.
Guy: let them see us and if they are ignorant of the power of the All Seeing Eye, then I will teach them a lesson. brandishes his blade
Igy: I have sent a raven to East castle informing them of our exploits and whereabouts.

Later that Day
Igy: the raven has returned! It has a message from WuLan. it reads: the vampires must be very powerful you will need my help. dirk and I are going to drive the foriegners from our land. once you have found the vampire’s keep wait for dirk and i join you before entering.
Konan: those damned foriegners i wonder what they have done that so bad to make wulan turn against them!
Igy: I think that wulan is right these vmpires are a dangerous foe.
Aust: I have heard in my travels across the northern plains of a powerful kingdom to the north east which has been expanding.
Guy: And what is the name of their king?
Aust: He is the Mutton King. descended from sheperds i believe.

Back at east castle



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