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This campaign is set in a plane called Nudul (pronounced noodle).

Nudul is called Nudul because it is shaped like a noodle, of macaroni that is. In three dimensions of X, Y, and Z Nudul is shaped like a cylinder; but in the fourth dimension of C Nudul is bent like a macaroni. (See the section on “Paraperpendicularity” in Geometry of the Planes, found in all major libraries.)

The surface of Nudul consists of one continent, which cleaves the water into two seas, Estic and Noralic – named for their position relative to the Plains of the Four Winds. This massive multi-lobed grassland has been the breeding ground of sentient beings since the dawn of time. In the Northeast and Northwest, two mountainous isthmuses connect to the subcontinent of Nor. The Krakren Mountains, in the west, extend far south, much further than the mountains of Nor. In the far north there is an island made of ice, a savage land which gets no sunlight. To the south there is a great desert. As one proceeds further into the desert, a second sun will appear in the sky. This place is known as the Day Lands because the suns are never simultaneously set.

There are 10 moons in this world; to the people who live on this plane, they are thought to be the birthplaces of the dragons, considered the first sentients to walk in Nudul.

Home Page

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