The South Plains


Population: 20,000 (large city)
Racial Demographics: 79% human, 9% elf, 5% half-elf, 3% halfling, 3% gnome, 1% Dwarf
Professional Demographics: 40% farmers, 40% tradesmen, 15% fishermen, 5% warriors
Power Center: The Mage’s Council (Lawful Neutral)
Prominent Deities: Boccob, Pelor
GP Limit: 10,000 GP
Highest Level NPCs:
See “Player Characters”
See “council members”
Power Centers:
The Church of Boccob: Maintain the water supply and waste removal of the densely packed city. All clerics are paid by the church and the church collects taxes from the city’s citizens as the head of state and head of church are one and the same.
The Church of Pelor: A popular deity among common people of the city.
Places of Interest
The Well Traveled Road: The largest Inn/Hotel in all of Pembroke. The building has 30 rooms for rent and includes a full restaurant and 3 bars (including the one run out of the cellar in the basement). “The Road”, as it is commonly known, is run by a woman named Beulla Bobbits and owned by a dwarf named Sib’biq Saddinn who is rarely ever seen but is rumored to have great wealth.
The Magic Shop: (? bob please insert info here)
Pembroke Tower: (? here too)
Pembroke Library:
Pembroke Museum:

Located to the North of Pembroke and to the east of the Krakren Mountains. Greenwood is home to several tribes and also individual families of elves.
Monsters: Hill Giants, Giant Spiders

Located in the heart of greenwood just north of Pembroke. A building once stood here but it has since crumbled. The true temple is now hidden beneath the floor of the old worship hall. There is a magic spell which seals the entrance unless a traveler can cast a 1st level spell.
Population: 10
Arthur – level 20 human loremaster (fey blood)
Livens/Snevil – level 10 gnome illusionist
Quentin Ridsfield – level ?? human sorcerer (dragon’s blood)

Population: 80
GP Limit: 300
Racial Demographics: 95% elf, 3% centaur, 2% satyr
Professioanl Demographics: 50% hunter’s and gatherers, 50% civilians (women, old, children)

A village founded by Konan the Destroyer who quit his job as general of the Pembroke Gaurd when he heard a rumor that one of the council members planned on murdering one of his friends.
GP Limit: 300
Population: 1,000
Racial Demographic: ???
Profesional Demogrphic: 50% warriors and barbarians, 25% fishermen and farmers, 20% skilled laborers, 5% Youth and Elderly
Places of Interest
Gooblin’s Shop: A purveyor of Dobson wares. Dobson is a weapons manufacturer that makes Rifles, Pistols and all manner of blackpowder weaponry. The gnome-like creatures who work here are sensitive to sunlight and keep their skin under wraps at all times.
The Lighthouse: A small fortress on the second wall. Yet to be explored by the PCs.
The Main Castle: 3 stories tall and comprised of emmense rooms with arched stone ceilings there are two tower atop it which each rise another two stories. History tells us that a Great Silver Wyrm once lived there.

The South Plains

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